Monday, April 9, 2012

Take your treat, and eat it!

There we were, Frank and I, running as fast as can be
The zombies were catching up on us
And we knew we were in trouble, you see
Then Frank started making a fuss

He shouted towards the nearest beast,
pointed to me and said "Here's a treat"
He shoved me back as if I were a feast.
"Look, he's full of flesh and tasty meat!"

All this shouting had made Frank winded
He started slowing down, while I kept speeding
I ran as fast as I could, my friendship recinded.
When I looked back, the zombies were feeding.



  1. little miss busy beeApril 9, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    my god! glad my name isnt frank.
    GREAT text my dear.

  2. What a fun read... when it comes to being chased by zombies, there is no loyalty among friends! :-))

  3. Love this! Zombie stories are so much fun(I read Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead-the show is great too). I laughed and cheered at the end, hope that's not terribly horrible. :)

  4. Serves him right, I hope I am not too frank here!

  5. ur lucky you got away from the zombies!!!!

  6. looove it.
    du, er dette fra en barnebok??
    vi har en engelsk bok som ser lignende ut på omslaget..

    1. Så bra :) Diktet er fra hodet mitt og bildet er fra Sunday Scribblings, men jeg vet ikke hvor de har bildet fra. Hva slags bok tenker du på?